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SCC Technology Newsletter

 A New Look for a New Year

The technology newsletter has a new face. In an effort to save money last year, the technology newsletter went strictly electronic. This year, the newsletter has been converted to a web page. The purpose of the newsletter is still the same—to keep you informed. However, now you have one place to go for all of your technology questions. In addition to technology news at SCC, the newsletter will continue to offer informative articles related to education that will provide ways to enhance teaching with technology as well as insight into the types of technology our students utilize in their social and academic lives.  It's a new look and a great start for a new year! 

SCC's Technology Committee promotes the use of technology to increase efficiency of college operations and to support teaching and enhance student learning.

Committee Memebers: Curt Childress (Co-Chair), Corinna Evett (Co-Chair), Al Huerta, Alice Ho, Scott James, William Jimenez (Student), Darlene Ornelas, Bonnie Slager, and Cindy Swift.

Design and Desktop Publishing:
Cindy Swift

Banner Design: Eric Harsen

Editing: Corinna Evett and Cindy Swift

The Pulse SmartPenDo your students need a better way to take notes? Do they spend so much time writing that they lose track of what is being said? Do their notes make sense at the time but not a day or two later? If so, you might want to know more about The Pulse SmartPen by Livescribe.

The Pulse SmartPen looks like an ordinary pen, but it is also a computer and an audio recorder built into one. With the Pulse SmartPen, entire lectures can be recorded while writing notes. Then, when the class is over, the pen can be used in some very interesting ways.

By now, most WebAdvisor users know how to log in and retrieve rosters.  Logging in is one thing, but what about converting rosters into Excel files, dropping students, or submitting grades?

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Cisco Telephone

Are you using your office phone like an old pick-up truck instead of a new Ferrari? Do you know how to use all of the features available to you? For example, do you know how to forward a call, to send all calls to voicemail, to make a conference call, or to set a speed dial?

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SCC Home Page with MakeoverAfter a year-and-a-half-long development process, the SCC website sports a new look. Why was the redesign necessary? We had issues with out-of-date content, a need for better protection against hackers, and the desire for a fresh look. There were two main objectives of developing the new website.

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October 2009