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Are you using your office phone like an old pick-up truck instead of a new Ferrari? Do you know how to use all of the features available to you? For example, do you know how to forward a call, to send all calls to voicemail, to make a conference call, or to set a speed dial? The new phone is user friendly once you become accustomed to the new features.

Here is a list of where you can go to learn more:

  • The RSCCD VoIP Training Manual is a PowerPoint with easy step-by-step instructions for most of the phones features.

  • The FAQ file is a good reference if you want to look something up.
  • You can add speed dials to your phone, but you must do this online. Click here to view a PowerPoint on how to access the CCMUser Web Page and how to set up abbreviated dials. Please note that you can only access the CCMUser login web site from your office computer. 


By now, most WebAdvisor users know how to log in and retrieve rosters. Logging in is one thing, but what about converting rosters into Excel files, dropping students, or submitting grades? There are several help files available if you want to learn more about WebAdvisor.

WebAdvisor Login or Telephones:

Wanda Wright - (714)628-4999  -

WebAdvisor Training

SCC Web Page Assistance

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Links to Help Files: Cisco Phones and WebAdvisor