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Pulse SmartPen


Livescribe’s Pulse SmartPen

We all know that taking good notes in class or in meetings is important, but it can also be difficult and frustrating; there isn’t enough time to write down all of the important information being presented; notes may make sense at the time but not a day or two later, or one might miss important information while concentrating on writing what was heard last. With the Pulse SmartPen, entire lectures can be recorded while writing notes. Then, when the class is over, the pen can be used in some very interesting ways. The Pulse SmartPen is a pen, an audio recorder, and a computer built into one.

The most basic feature of the pen allows one to simply touch the pen on any note and hear what was being said at the time the note was taken. Imagine the possibilities. Having this pen can actually change the way one approaches notes. Instead of trying to write down everything being said, one can simply notate important points and revise notes later by playing back the audio at any selected point. Then, as the notes are being played back, one can write down comprehensive notes, pausing, speeding up, or slowing down the audio when needed.

Next, the pen can upload notes to a PC or MAC. Once you have uploaded your notes, an image appears of the notes along with synchronized audio. Handwriting is then converted to searchable text with impressive accuracy. Since the notes are now electronic, one can search entire notebooks for key words or phrases, enabling one to save valuable study time and become more efficient.

If you choose, the recorded notes can be shared. Livescribe has a free website that is available to backup your notes and share them. Once the notes are uploaded to Livescribe’s website, only the author has permission to view and hear the documents. However, if you choose to share your notes, you can designate people who can also use your file. Once permission is granted to someone to view a document, that person is able to see your notes and listen to the lecture the same way you can on your computer.

The SmartPen has many uses. Students will love using this technology to interact with their classroom notes while professionals will simply appreciate the pen’s abilities to take meeting minutes.

 A few side notes:

      The Pulse pen comes in 1 or 2GB (Gigabytes of electronic memory) models. The 1GB model can record 100 hours of audio, and the 2GB model can record 200 hours. Audio can be uploaded to a computer and then deleted from the pen to free up additional space.

      The 1GB pen retails for about $150 and the 2GB for $200.

        The pen can be purchased at Target or several on-line retailers.

      The special notebook paper can be purchased or printed out. A Livescribe notebook 4-Pack (100 sheets each) retails for $19.

      Remember that one should always get permission before recording meetings or lectures!

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