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2010 Fall Newsletter



Email Archiving
This fall, a new Email archiving system was put into place. The new system archives or stores Emails on a secure server separate from the Email and H Drive servers. Emails that are archived in your inbox remain accessible indefinitely.
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Datatel: It's No Bull
In June of 2005, Measure E funds were used to purchase Datatel, a fully-integrated software system that builds education platforms. Datatel has come a long way in the last five years.
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Widescreen Becomes the New Standard
Not too long ago viewers had to decide between widescreen or standard format when choosing a movie. However, now a widescreen display is becoming standard for most computers. As a result, most video projectors offer widescreen format.
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EBSCOHost Mobile Now!

Use your cell phone to search the Library’s EbscoHost® databases for information ranging from general reference collections to journal/magazine articles found in databases. EbscoHost®  Mobile is qualified for all major SmartPhones (such as Android, Blackberry, Dell Axix, iPhone, Palm 750).
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Today's Computer Tip
Did you know that you can send an email message from your email account to a cell phone? It's easy to do, however, you need to know the cell phone carrier of the person you are sending the email message to.
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Email at Your Fingertips
Due to overwhelming demand, RSCCD has configured and enabled our email server so that it will work with many mobile devices.  If you would like to be able to access District email on your mobile device, please contact Curt Childress or the SCC Helpdesk for instructions.


SCC's Technology Committee promotes the use of technology to increase efficiency of college operations and to support teaching and enhance student learning.

Contributing Committee Members: Curt Childress (Co-Chair), Lana Wong (Co-Chair), Scott James, and Cindy Swift.

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Editing: Corinna Evett and Cindy Swift

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