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Datatel: It's No Bull

Many of you may remember the old systems that the District had in place.  Information was scattered between programs in an antiquated system that was complicated and expensive.  In June 2005, Measure E funds were used to purchase Datatel.  Datatel is a fully-integrated software system that builds education platforms.  More simply, Datatel is “one-stop shopping” for District information and processes, a customizable program consisting of three major application modules:  Finance, Student, and Human Resources combined with a comprehensive data base.

The District embarked on the implementation phase of Datatel in 2006.  The Finance Module, which houses the general ledger, purchasing, and accounts payable, was the first to go live in July 2007. 

Datatel integrates with a variety of third party software designed to further enhance the capabilities and to provide streamline processes and functions.  Astra Schedule, a room scheduling third party application, was rolled out in the fall 2008.  The application allowed the summer and fall 2009 schedules to be completed by early 2009. 

For the implementation team, 2009 was a busy year.  The Human Resources Module was put into service, allowing for the class sections to be linked directly to the appropriate faculty.  A year-long endeavor to develop and test a set of data conversion programs culminated in March 2009.  Between March and August, student academic records were converted and integrated into Datatel in phases.  It began with student demographic data and admissions application data in preparation for the online application system, CCCApply.  CCCApply went live on April 1st for the Summer and Fall 2009 terms.  The student conversion also included academic records, transcripts, high school, and placement testing data.   

Web Advisor, the online student services module, went live in April 2009.  In addition, on May 1st, the District was able to accept online payments.  For the first time, SAC and SCC student were able to register for classes and pay their tuition online.

Summer 2009 saw the implementation of a third party attendance tracking system, CI Solutions.  After grades were submitted and diplomas awarded, those enrollment records were converted – marking the end of the conversion process for college credit records.  The non-credit conversion would follow shortly, and by August 2009, the academic conversion was complete. 

The conversion from the main frame to Datatel was seamless.  The efficiency was due to the Herculean efforts of the conversion teams from the Colleges and the District Office.  Teams throughout the District spent hundreds of hours testing the data conversion programs, Datatel input screens, processes, and integration points.

ITS is exceptionally pleased to announce that the GLink/Bull System (the old main frame) was permanently shut down on December 17, 2009.  By retiring this system, the District saved approximately $500,000 in licensing and maintenance costs.  RSCCD has stepped into the 21st century, utilizing technology to more efficiently and effectively serve students. 

Notable Statistics
(The numbers below represent the number of records converted.)

College Credit
Highs School—100,000
Student profile—500,000
2009 Spring 91,000
Historical GPA’s 48,000
CBE/AP/Waivers 36,000
Transfer Work—150,000
Placement Tests—30,000
Proficiency Tests—30,000
Student Balances—150,000
Transcript Reqs—50,000
Academic Standing—150,000
Non Credit conversion
Student Profile—100,000
Transfer Work—200,000

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