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Computer Tip: Sending Text Messages From Your Email Account

I have a fourteen year old daughter, and our family just recently entered the "texting stage” of communication. As my major form of communication is email, I was delighted to know that I could send a text message to my daughter from my computer via email. The only real trick is that you have to know the cell phone carrier name belonging to the person to whom you plan to send the text.

Here’s how it works: Just substitute a 10-digit cell number for the “number” for each carrier below:

Sprint: or
Virgin Mobile:
Metro PCS:
U.S. Cellular:
For example, to send a text to (555)123–4567 with AT&T as the cell phone carrier, just type in the “To” field, type a short message in the body of the email and it send. A subject is not required.

I’ve found a few pros to sending messages this way: I think it’s easier to type on my keyboard than on my phone’s keypad, and it doesn’t cost anything to send a text message. One major drawback is that the receiver of the text message can’t reply to the original message. In practice, sending text messages via email is not something I do often, but it has come in handy every once in awhile.

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