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Kaleidoscope Project

The Kaleidoscope Project is implementing open education resources (OER) for existing courses at Santiago Canyon College and Santa Ana College. The project is designed for predominantly at-risk students so that the costs of textbooks dramatically reduce while improving student success. While participating in the Kaleidoscope Project, instructors will use Sakai (Rsmart) and OER textbooks and materials.


During summer, the Intermediate Algebra (Math 80) online course was developed using a Creative Common License (OER textbook license) textbook, YouTube videos, and Sakai (Rsmart). Since these materials are all open resources, there are no costs to the students enrolled in the current Intermediate Algebra (Math 80) online course. Essentially, the course materials were free to the student.


The Kaleidoscope Project is the beginning of an implementation that could significantly reduce the cost of course textbooks and materials by sharing existing resources developed and created by other instructors, like ourselves, in the same discipline. The project is an outlet to collaborate with other instructors from eight different colleges around the nation in contributing to making college more affordable for students without risking the quality of the education. In fact, it is expected the quality of these courses will increase as well as student success.


Want to know more? Please visit the following Web sites:

FlatWorld Knowledge prides themselves on being "the world's largest publisher of free and open college textbooks."

Open text book calls themselves "a registry of textbooks that anyone can access, reuse and redistribute."

The OER Commons claims their Web site "was created to help educators, students, and lifelong learners find Open Educational Resources that are already posted somewhere on the Internet. OER Commons is not a search engine (like Google) and it is not a list of links. This site is a structured database of links to high-quality resources found on other websites."

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