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2011 Spring Newsletter


Blackboard 9.1 Upgrade
RSCCD will be upgrading to the latest Blackboard release, version 9.1. The upgrade is already taking place and will go live this summer. How different is the new version? Blackboard 9.1 is so different that you may find it very difficult to navigate your course without training. Click here to read more. >>


Coming Soon to WebAdvisor: SCC Early Alert 
The SCC Early Alert program is designed to be a timely intervention for students who are having academic difficulty each semester. This new WebAdvisor form will give instructional faculty and Student Services the opportunity to address students’ needs and to provide easier access to support services. Click here to read more. >> 


Poll Everywhere
Poll Everywhere is a text message voting application that works with live audiences. This is a more affordable alternative to hardware-based Classroom Response Systems [CRS], e.g., clickers, in the classroom. Poll Everywhere can be used to take on the spot surveys. Click here to read more. >>


Fancy Tricks with the Print Dialog Box
What the heck is the print dialog box? For most of us, when we see the print dialog box, we click the "OK" button to print our document. However, the print dialog box offers many options when printing a document. Are you aware of all of the features available? Click here to read more. >>


WolframAlpha: A Computational Knowledge Engine
In 2009, Wolfram Research Inc. released the first version of WolframAlpha, a computational knowledge engine. WolframAlpha is not another search engine. Instead, WolframAlpha computes the answers to questions. Click here to read more.>>


Computer Tip: Remembering Passwords

These days we all have a dozen or so passwords to remember. Here are a few quick and easy tips to help you remember your strong and complex passwords. Click here to read more. >>

SCC's Technology Committee promotes the use of technology to increase efficiency of college operations and to support teaching that enhances student learning.

Contributing Committee Members: Curt Childress (Co-Chair), Lana Wong (Co-Chair), Sergio Rodriguez, Scott James, Randy Scott and Cindy Swift.

Design and Desktop Publishing: Cindy Swift   Banner Design: Eric Harsen 
Editing: Corinna Evett and Cindy Swift

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