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Poll Everywhere
Lana Wong

A more affordable alternative to hardware-based Classroom Response Systems [ CRS ], e.g., clickers, Poll Everywhere  is a text message voting application that works with live audiences.  In the classroom, Poll Everywhere can be used to:

  • Increase student  participation and attentiveness
  • Elicit diverse opinions when there isn't a correct answer
  • Gauge student comprehension of material immediately
  • Allow students to provide instructor feedback
  • Assess a reading assignment  with a quick quiz
  • Strengthen retention

Voting and polling can be done via cell phone or the Web. Poll Everywhere accepts student responses via:

  • SMS text messaging on mobile phones
  • Smartphones with data plans
  • Regular computers and wireless laptops via the Web

Students can bypass SMS text messaging fees by responding through their Smartphone web browser.


  • Results can be projected in real time
  • Windows users can downloaded live Poll Everywhere  PowerPoint slides that show responses


When replying to a poll, a student’s identity is completely anonymous unless the student chooses to provide his/her name or student ID. The identity is then available only to that instructor or institution. 


  • Poll Everywhere  is free for classes with up to 30 students per section
  • Paid plans for personal and/or larger audiences are available
  • K-12 and Higher Education semester-long plans are also available

Learn More

Additional information available at:

View a  “You Tube:  An Educator's Introduction to Poll Everywhere” video at:


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