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Survey Fall 2011

Faculty Technology Survey, Fall 2011

  • What technology do you use in your teaching?
  • What technology do you want to use but is currently not available to you?
  • What technical support do you need to effectively use technology in the classroom/online?

SCC faculty were asked these questions in the Technology Committee’s Fall 2011 survey that was conducted  for the purposes of  1) gauging what technology is currently used  in the instruction of our students and 2)  what ongoing faculty  technology needs are.   The responses from 64  SCC faculty* members who responded to Technology Committee’s Fall 2011 survey reveal a wide range of technology applications and tools that are currently used across the various disciplines as identified below:


The survey data indicates that almost all the respondents use some technology in the classroom.  Technology equipment found in the classroom includes: 

  • computers, i.e., desk top computers, laptops and/or  tablet  PCs
  • minimally, a  computer  for the instructor is used and approximately, a third of the respondents indicated that computers were available for student classroom and/or lab
  • projectors [primarily LCD]
  • SmartBoards
  • document cameras, scanners, and or cameras
  • DVD, video, and/or CD players
  • Student response technology, e.g., clickers
  •  other equipment , e.g., graphing calculators; mobile devices  

The applications, programs, or systems that faculty members are currently using include: 

  • course management systems, e.g., Black Board,  Sakai, Micrograde
  • presentation tools, e.g., Power Point, Captivate, SnagIt, etc. 
  • video, i.e., DVD, You Tube videos, VHS, streaming video from subscribed databases 
  • Internet
  • podcasts 
  • classroom computer management tools, e.g., SynchronEyes 
  • communication tools, e.g., Skype, WebAdvisor Early Alert, Twitter, Facebook,  CCC Confer [latter used to scheduling extra  office hours] 
  • TurnItIn
  • online lectures
  • social networking tools, e.g., Twitter, Facebook, etc.
  • variety of course or program-specific software & applications for language instruction, engineering, surveying, language instruction, computer science, business, physiology, mathematics, art/graphic arts, music, library  


Technology equipment that faculty members would like to have available:

  • a dedicated  MAC computer lab with a suite of  drawing, design, painting software that  supports the studio art/design/art history/ art concepts/ 2D and 3D design courses
  • Campus computer lab staffed by trained instructional aides and/or technicians
  • student response tool , e.g.,clickers, Qwizdom
  • tablet PCs
  • document scanners/scanners/cameras
  • MAC computers for instructors and student classroom use 
  • Smart Board 
  • projectors, including correct ICC color projection for proper color presentation; also need new projectors to replace old, poor resolution quality equipment
  • recording equipment for video and/or audio
  • playback equipment for video and/or audio
  • printers for course-specific  classrooms including color printer with the ability to produce the quality of image students need to complete projects
  • large computer monitors to accommodate those with vision disabilities
  • instructor PC and Apple smart carts
  • fast, reliable Internet access for faculty in off-site classrooms/programs
  • other course or program-specific equipment, e.g., electronic lab probes, pH, thermometers
  • new and/or upgraded class and faculty computers  including sound/video functionalities

 Software, applications, and program that faculty would like to have available are:

  • presentation software including video/podcasting editing
  • classroom computer management program
  • software to create interactive online tutorials
  • college portal
  • iCloud to link all MAC platforms
  • streaming video clip and/or video library database subscription
  • Course and/or discipline-specific software, iPad apps, and/or web-based programs for language instruction, surveying, engineering, studio art, fine art, digital design, music, library
  • What technology support do you need to effectively use technology in the classroom/online?


 Technical support needs as expressed by the SCC Faculty include:

  • on-campus sites for instructional design, technology training  and technical support where instructors can find out what’s possible, learn “best practices,” discover what  technology is available, and  learn what new technologies are driving student academic success, etc.:
  • a dedicated, fully staffed Distance Education Office with  staff available to provide drip-in help
  • a professional and fully staffed instructional design office
  • more robust SCC IT staffing
  • more campus IT  support including more MAC knowledgeable technicians
  • upgraded equipment needs including:
  •  MAC computers/computer lab [or functionality, e.g., MAC Mini]  for faculty and students,
  •  student computer lab staffed with instructional aides knowledgeable in the installed course-specific and general software programs
  • a need for a more robust, reliable network and wireless network
  • support of streaming video streaming through the network
  • upgrading the sole MAC computer in the Faculty Development Center
  • more faculty input on configuration/location of technology in classrooms
  • prompt response to servicing equipment 
  • well maintained, reliable instructor and student computers  

 *The breakdown of survey responses by division

                23           Arts, Humanities, and Social Sciences

                  6           Business and Career Technology

                  1           Counseling

                  3           Library

                 16          Mathematics and Sciences

                 12          OEC
3          Division affiliation not identified


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