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2012 Spring Technology Newsletter


This edition of the SCC Technology Newsletter is dedicated to addressing some technology concerns on campus.

Results of the Fall 2011, Faculty Technology Survey
In the fall, the SCC and OEC faculty were asked questions about what technology they use, what technology they would like to use, and what technology support is needed.  More >>

Are you keeping your Web site up to date?
The SCC College Web site is one of the most important elements when it comes to serving students and attracting new ones.  This is why all Web page owners must be serious about making sure their web page content is current, accurate, and relevant. Web page maintenance should be viewed as a continuous process and not just as something that is done once a year or only at the start of a new semester. Every web page owner should have an effective strategy for updating his or her web pages. More >>

Overview of PeerMark
PeerMark is a tool used in It allows students’ to do peer editing online. More>>


SCC's Technology Committee promotes the use of technology to increase efficiency of college operations and to support teaching that enhances student learning.

Contributing Committee Members: Lana Wong (Co-Chair), Irvin Medina (Student Representative)

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