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Fall 2015 Newsletter

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Decorative Text   One, Two, Three…Click! A New Way to Energize the Classroom​ by Maureen Roe​ & Marilyn Flores                                                             

A few of the common questions that many frustrated instructors have asked over the years are, "How do I get my students to pay attention in class​ and become actively involved in their own learning??" See More​​

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Films on Demand by Leah Freidenrich
Films on Demand, the Library’s new video streaming database, is now available. Search​ ​across 21,326 titles to find relevant films for your classroom.​ See More​​​
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​"Got apps?" Student Survey Reveals What's Trending by Leah Freidenrich

 In a recent survey of SCC students, the following apps were named as current  "favs".​ See More

Decorative Text​Do you know that College employees can download Office 365 for free? ​by Alice Ho

Microsoft Office 365 is a cloud-based subscription service that provides you with the latest​ version of the Office applications.​ ​Find Out ​More​


SCC's Technology Committee promotes the use of technology to increase efficiency of college operations and to support teaching that enhances student learning.

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