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The Creation of

                                                                       by Amanda Carpenter​


The website, created by Armanda Carpenter, was developed as a final project to fulfill the requirement of a Master of Science degree in the Instructional Design and Technology (MSIDT) program at Cal State University, Fullerton. 

The idea for the site came from working in the Disabled Students Program & Services (DSPS) at Santiago Canyon College where the phrase "Not Accessible, Not Acceptable" was born. When course materials that are not accessible are posted online, students using assistive technology cannot complete them - that's not acceptable. The site was created as a central hub to help guide educators in creating accessible course materials, as well as promote an understanding of why accessibility is important. 

The website features an accessibility checker to guide and aid in the creation of accessible course materials, as well as video explanations of different accessibility topics to provide a better understanding. Whether you are just beginning to get your feet wet in the subject or you're an accessibility expert, this site can be a valuable resource for creating accessible course materials.



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