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eLumen Connecting What's Possible


By Aaron Voe​lcker

The year 2018 brought us some major changes in software for SCC. Through the guidance of the IEPI Partnership Resource Team and our local, ad hoc Technology for Institutional Effectiveness (TIE) Task Force, we developed a collaborative process for evaluating software and determining which product solutions best suit SCC's specific institutional needs. Our initial plan was to find a replacement for Taskstream that could also help centralize our various integrated planning activities such as annual planning, resource allocation, program review, and educational master planning. Through this collaborative effort, it was determined that the time was ripe for replacing CurricUNET as well. Late in spring of 2018, the college community voted to adopt eLumen as our solution of choice and, if all goes well, we will have a one-stop-shop for curriculum, outcomes assessment, and integrated planning.


Throughout this process, I have been asked a number of questions regarding eLumen implementation and feature sets. Below are answers to the most frequently asked questions.


Fast-forward nearly a year, what progress have we made and where are we with implementation?

In just under nine months, through the hard work of the SCC Curriculum Office, the Curriculum & Instruction Council, and the Office of Academic Affairs, we were able to fully transition from CurricUNET to eLumen's curriculum management module. This was a tremendous feat, considering SCC has the largest course and program inventory that eLumen has ever worked with. It was important to reach this milestone early, as all other modules in eLumen are dependent upon our curriculum foundation.


Are we going to have a template in eLumen for program review before the program review deadline and what about annual plans (formerly DPPs)?

Now that curriculum is up and running, the next step in eLumen implementation is the development of what eLumen calls its Strategic Initiatives module. This module will contain our annual plan and program review templates and will allow us to draw connections and “pipe in" information from the curriculum and assessment modules. Training for program review and annual plans will begin during fall 2019 Professional Development week. Be on the lookout for the next Professional Development Calendar.

When will we finally have a destination for the student learning outcome (SLO) and service area outcome (SAO) assessment data that we have been diligent in collecting?

The Assessment module is the last phase of eLumen implementation and we plan to go live in the second half of spring 2019. Extensive training will be provided to faculty, staff, and administration on all available features of the Assessment module, including, but not limited to, the following topics: importing assessment results directly from Canvas, mapping outcomes to outcomes for program assessment, disaggregation of outcome assessment data for student equity, and more.

 task.pngIf you have questions about upcoming trainings or features within eLumen, please send an email to I'm here to help.​