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​ Got an Education Plan?


​By Phillip Crabill

Did you know that you can now create a full semester-by-semester education plan Online?  Think of your Online Education Plan as an individualized roadmap mapping out every step necessary to get you from where you are today, all the way to the place you want to be – where you're accomplishing your academic goals and doing so with amazing success.  The Online Education Plan website in incredibly intuitive, and chock-full of helpful features.  


Your Online Education Plan in Self-Service is a place where you can explore the many different certificate and degree options offered at Santiago Canyon College, learn more about your current education goal(s), and the coursework required to complete your goal(s). 


You can develop a semester-by-semester plan in your Timeline, review your English, Math & Reading course placement recommendations, and conduct a full degree audit – learning all of the classes you need to complete your current Certificate or Degree goal at SCC, and keep track of your progress along the way.  


Getting ready to Register for classes?? 

You can even Register for your classes each term - right from your Online Education Plan!  See for yourself – visit your Online Education Plan here:​​​