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FYI Bytes

​​by Lana Wang

  • “Out-of Office” eMail Notifications -- Currently, District IT does not provide “out of office” email notifications to any external, i.e., non-District, email users.  Seeking information as to the rationale for this practice, the SCC Technology Committee brought the matter to the District Technology Advisory Group for discussion at its November meeting. The reason for disallowing external “out of office” auto-replies is to maintain the District’s ability to reliably deliver email to its users. If external notifications were to be allowed, the implications are:  1) the District would become a potential participant in SPAM backscatter [which is defined by Wikipedia as incorrect automated  bounce messages sent by mail servers and which is typically a side effect of incoming spam]; and, 2) systems that generate email backscatter can potentially  be in violation of internet service providers’ “Terms of Service,” end up being  “blacklisted” on various Internet Domain Name clearinghouses, and compromise their ability to deliver email.  

  • Student I.D. Cards as Library Print Cards -- SCC students now have the option of using their student I.D. card as  a print card when printing documents in the  Library or the Tutoring Center.  Instead of buying a separate print card, a student can choose to add monetary value to his/her SCC student I.D. card.  Based on comments received by the Librarians, this increased functionality of the student I.D. card is popular with students and very much welcomed.

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