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Technology Projects

                                       by Curt Childress 

Concurrent installation of two projects (video surveillance and wireless access points) began on Monday, October 1st. Both projects are scheduled to be completed in spring of 2013. The video cameras are initially being installed on the exterior of the buildings. Later in the project, they will be installed on the parking lot poles. Wireless access points are being installed on the interior of every building. 

Upon completion, students will have improved wireless service (more bandwidth and more simultaneous users) for their laptops and other electronic devices accessing the Internet.  The video surveillance system was designed to capture events, rather than require a security officer to watch live pictures.  The system will enable Security officers to go back and search and replay events. 

The other District sites are in their final testing phase, working toward turning the operation over to District security.  SCC is last with these projects and learning from the previous work, thereby making a smoother implementation. Both the Aquatic Center and the Humanities buildings will have both new systems installed. 

The third technology project works in conjunction with the previous two projects, as it is the infrastructure installation of fiber optic cable. The cable will be installed between M&O and the outside of the E building.  From there it will extend out to parking lot 5 and to parking lots 3 and 4. All the fiber cable will be underground, running along the outer edges of the parking lots.  This cable will be segmented off to each parking lot, allowing communication (video capture) from the video cameras to the video servers.  This is scheduled to be completed by early spring 2013.

An update will be provided in the spring giving the status of all three projects.

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