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Telepresence (T4) Training

                                                                                                                                            by Corine Doughty


The Business & Career Technical Education Division in partnership with the CTE Pathways Initiative SB70/1133 recently purchased and installed Telepresence (T4) Technology in B102 as well as hosted a flex activity "Telepresence Teachers Training Teachers Program" in August 2012.  The ten faculty members attending the training were eligible to receive a 9 hour professional development training session based on the T4 technology presented in the workshop. 


The training will provide faculty with hands on experience to manage conversations and interaction while using Telepresence video for extended classroom environments and to record presentations.  The faculty will be gaining experience in tying together video, audio, and presentations (full collaboration tools) while maintaining and encouraging group conversation.  


Benefits to faculty participating in the training program include:


1.  Cost-effective for training a large number of instructors on campus and at multiple locations.

2. Maximizes adoption and ease-of-use by providing core training on video communication solutions.

3. Provides framework, guidelines and hands-on activities for developing distance learning programs and classroom applications.

4. Tips for planning interactive distance learning content and delivery to achieve the greatest impact.

5. An individualized program, designed for the participants based on their needs, levels of experience, goals and availability.


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