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Updating the College Website


                                                               by Alfonso Oropeza and Alice Ho

SCC website will be getting an upgrade soon. Alfonso Oropeza, the Director of Information Systems, explained the process in the following Q & A.

When will the SharePoint 2010 migration take place?
Since SCC is already using SharePoint 2007,
the implementation to SharePoint 2010 will be an upgrade, not a migration.  This SharePoint upgrade is something we have never done in ITS, but according to our vendor, it is a process that takes six to eight weeks.  Of course, this time frame accounts for receiving the current website as is and placing it into SharePoint 2010. We are planning to follow this path during the upgrade just as we did with SAC. 

Will the SCC Web get new look?
The main purpose is to have the SCC site running in SharePoint 2010 and to separate the SCC’s web branding process. Once the SCC site is upgraded, the Web Task Force can work through the process of getting an approved new look and feel, and then we can schedule the implementation of this new branding.

What’s the upgrade schedule?
As you already know, ITS, the vendor, and the District web publishers are in the course of migrating the District website. We are expecting to go live with the new District site by November 9, 2012. Once the District website is launched and any left over issues get resolved, I will get a schedule coordinated with our vendor to move forward with the implementation of the SCC website upgrade to SharePoint 2010. As with previous SCC web site implementations, I will coordinate the upgrading schedule to meet the expected time window for the web task group.

What’s the impact for web users?

The impact of upgrading to SharePoint 2010 is expected to be minimal as far as work needed in individual web site areas.  The bulk of the work is mostly done by the vendor and ITS. 


What are the new features in SharePoint 2010?
In regards to functionality impact, web publishers will notice a more flexible publishing environment where web parts can be placed anywhere on a page for example.  Also, the tool ribbon is more robust and context sensitive. That means depending upon where the cursor is placed within the editing page, the ribbon displays its tools.  Web publishers will also notice that editing of a page occurs inside the actual page instead of a pop up window. Additional flexibility with deletion of sites in SharePoint 2010 is that deleted sites are stored into the web site’s recycle bin and can be restored later. Therefore, planning for refresher training sessions will be necessary for web publishers just to minimize the differences with page editing.


Will we see any enhancements in the web page?

One of the enhancements is that the Faculty/Staff directory data will be centrally based. This means that when changes occur to a staff record, and that record is displayed at SCC and District websites, the change will be reflected on both sites.


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