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We've Redesigned the SCC Website

For One Reason. . . Because You Asked 

by Don Busché 

A rebranded Santiago Canyon College (SCC) website was unveiled at the start of the 2014-15 academic year.   The “new” website was the result of nearly a year of planning, meetings, and design changes to enhance the College's ability to tell its story; serve faculty, staff, and student needs; and attract new students.

Work on the redesigned website focused on three major goals that were developed collaboratively with representatives from faculty, staff, administration, students, and Public Affairs, Graphics, Research, and Information Technology Services departments.    The goals were to:

  • Strengthen SCC’s web presence in a way that conveys its unique spirit and energy.
  • Portray SCC as a vibrant and innovative college with a focus on student success.
  • Organize and present information with the end-user in mind.

The website redesign workgroup feels confident these goals were achieved and expects the Web Committee to keep them in mind as the website evolves. The project was about more than just redesigning the website; it was about telling the SCC story in an improved and more compelling way. It was about working as a team to realize a common goal.  The redesign workgroup is proud of the important part SCC students played in providing feedback during the focus group portion of the redesign project. 

New Home page Features

In addition to new and dynamic photos, easier navigation, and videos, users and visitors will see four areas prominently displayed on the home page. The following procedures have been established for faculty and staff to follow in order to have their programs, services, and activities featured in these areas.

pictures on home page 

Picture Carousel—Stories that accompany the pictures are determined by the President’s Cabinet.  Future story ideas can be submitted to Public Affairs at any time during the academic year.  Public Affairs will compile the story ideas and present them to the President’s Cabinet for consideration.  Topics must focus on their benefit to students.

pictures on carousel 

What Makes an SCC Education Different?—Stories that feature SCC faculty, facilities, and programs are selected by the President’s Cabinet.  Future story ideas that focus on any of the three areas may be submitted to Public Affairs, who will compile the story ideas and present them to the President’s Cabinet for consideration.

sample noteworthy graphic        sample calendar listing

NoteworthyCollege, student, and community focused events and informational announcements may be submitted to the SCC web master at any time for display in this area.  The submission should include a flyer or a web page link that identifies the “who, what, where, and when” of the event.  Items will be displayed as long as the information is fresh and relevant.

Calendar of Events—College departments, programs, and services that maintain a web calendar can request access to publish items in the calendar of events window from the ITS Help Desk.  Only three items are displayed at a time in this area.  Those who do not maintain a calendar of events can send their event calendar requests to Victoria Williams (Administrative Services). Only items that are of interest to students at large will be accepted.

New Online Diagnostic Tool

A broken link or misspelling can have a devastating effect on a visitor’s experience with a website as well as with the integrity of the institution behind the website. The Web Committee now has access to a dynamic diagnostic tool.  The tool, Siteimprove (, is an online service that identifies broken links, misspellings, and accessibility issues on the SCC website.  On a scheduled basis, or when requested, Siteimprove “crawlers” check each word and every link on the SCC website.  The check also includes scanning the pages for accessibility issues.  Reports are delivered by email to the appropriate web authors, with a prioritized error listing. Siteimprove’s first check of SCC’s 1620 page website, found 333 broken links, 99 misspellings, and 1247 potential misspellings.  Thanks to the efforts of a number of trained web users and Web Committee members, these errors were quickly located and corrected.       

Numerous workshops and one-on-one training on interpreting Siteimprove reports, correcting errors, and resolving issues have been conducted since the start of the fall term.  If you have not participated in a Siteimprove training session, you are encouraged to email Don Busché ( and request a training session.

 The Web Committee would appreciate your feedback on the redesigned website and the Siteimprove diagnostic tool and welcomes any suggestions you may have. Please email and tell the Web Committee how it is doing.