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Unlimited Possibilities with 3D Printing

​​                                                                                      ​​​​ by Alice Ho


Orange Education Center started offering the 3D Printing/Advanced Manufacturing program in 2017. It has become one of the most popular career programs at OEC. Students come from as far as Oceanside and Riverside to attend the class. Some said it's the best kept secret in Orange County as many companies would charge hundreds of dollars for a similar workshop that could only be one or two days.

The 3D Printing Certificate program includes three courses: Introduction to 3D Modeling Using Blender, Introduction to 3D Animation Using Blender and Introduction to 3D Printing. In this program, students will learn the basic tools, shortcuts and capabilities of the 3D modeling software Blender to create 3D models. Students will also learn how to use a 3D printer and the technology behind 3D printing. In addition, students will learn about the different plastic filaments that are used and the techniques for feeding the plastic filament into the 3D ​printer. [1]

The program prepares students to be 3D printing technicians or to acquire skills necessary to be 3D animation artists. According to the instructor, some students were able to find jobs after graduating from the program. 

I attended the 3D Printing class last month just to try it out and it was challenging. I learned about the user interface in Blender and the process. Quite a few students I talked to have taken the class multiple times to master the techniques. Even though the software is challenging to learn, students enjoyed the creativity once they are more capable in using the software. One student told me that he wanted to create a 3D model of a two-bedroom house. Even though he knows ​it's going to be a difficult task, he is looking forward to the process of creating his own 3D ​model house.


​ 3Dprinterinclass3D printed building      

​   ​                                                


[1] "3D Printing Advanced/Manufacturing." Orange Education Center, 6 Nov. 2017, ​
     3D Printing Program,  Accessed 17 Sept. 2018.


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