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Connecting With Colleagues Online


By Amanda Carpenter

Do you ever wish you could easily share something with your colleague without walking across campus, by either jumping on a video chat, or sharing your screen?

Do you ever wish you had a central place online to store and update files with a committee or department on campus?

Do you ever wish you could organize your projects in different work spaces effectively?

If you answered yes to any of these questions… keep reading, Microsoft Teams is here to grant you your wishes!

First, what is Microsoft Teams?

" A hub for teamwork" Microsoft Teams is an online collaboration platform consisting of chat features, video meetings, application integration, and file storage options.

Who is Microsoft Teams for?

Everyone on campus already has access to Microsoft Teams with their campus e-mail, no sign up necessary!

How to start using Microsoft Teams?

To begin using Microsoft Teams, login to with your campus e-mail, then click Teams. Alternately, download Microsoft Teams to your desktop, or mobile device for easy access. Once logged in, you can create a New Team, or view your current Team if you have been invited to participate in a Team. If you are creating a New Team, you can invite anyone on campus, and adjust permission levels of members if needed. Then the collaboration begins!

Want to learn more?

A Digital Collaboration workshop featuring Microsoft Teams will be featured in the Spring at the IDC!  Until then, for a full list of Microsoft Teams features, please visit: Microsoft Teams​​