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Make "Spring Cleaning"

Make Your SCC Web Pages Rewarding

                                         By Don Busché  

Now that SCC has finalized the redesign of the college website, it is time for all web authors to grab their dust pan, pour a cup of coffee or tea, sit down, and start cleaning their web pages for the move to the new website design.  If you don’t “clean” your website prior to April 28, 2014, your “junk” will be moved along with your “treasures.”  Here are a few tips to help you make the best use of your time and effort.                                                                   

Check for Obsolete Content   

In the same way that our homes and garages accumulate boxes of long forgotten contents, outdated information can build up on a website. Even if you have been diligent about adding new content, you may not have been as careful about removing obsolete content.  Did you know that obsolete content and abandoned web pages display in a web search? 

Take time to read each of your web pages with the following questions in mind:

  • Is the content still relevant?

  • Do they contain out-of-date information?

  • Are you promoting events that have already taken place?

If the answer is “yes,” delete the offending content or page from your website. 

Check for Broken Links

During your spring clean, check for links that have changed or disappeared.  “404 pages” or internal links that lead to “Page not Found” should be cleaned up.  Broken links are found by clicking on each of the links.  Be sure to check all the navigation links you have added to the left side of your web pages.

Look for Missing or Outdated Images

Scan your pages for missing or outdated images. If an image link is missing or broken, it will appear as an empty space (often with a small image symbol over it). Remove or replace these images. 

Verify Your Contact Information

As you review your pages, verify that all your contact information is current and, if necessary, make the appropriate corrections. As you scan the contact information, ask yourself: are your office, phone number, and email address correct? Are appropriate staff members' names and positions correct? 

Clean out Storage Folders

Many individuals have a hard time disposing of their “treasures.” The same may be true of their document and image files.  Outdated documents and images take up disk storage space.  Your spring cleaning should include a check of the Images and Documents folders on each of your websites.  Delete any files in these folders that are no longer used on your website. To locate these folders, click the following:  Site Actions "  View All Site Content "  Images [or " Documents] [or" Pages].


Follow the guidelines above and your website will be ready for the move to the new design.  Remember that spring cleaning your website doesn’t have to be a chore; in fact, it may be a reward.  The Web.Com committee will award a $25 gift card each week to one individual who conducts a spring cleaning of their website during the month of April.  Look for an email from the Web.Com committee that gives you the eligibility rules.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact Don Busché at