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The College Mobile Friendly Website

                                    by Alfonso Oropeza

The Santiago Canyon College website has been successfully upgraded to SharePoint 2013 as planned. The process was done without service interruption to users. The biggest benefit from this upgrade is the website enhancement to be responsive to mobile device screens (tablets and smart phones at all sizes). Providing a friendlier interaction for mobile users emphasizes the College's efforts to reach audiences who consume online information via such portable devices. The development of this mobile friendly site will continue to evolve with newer, and enhanced ways of user engagement.

This mobile service add-on is possible due to the ability of incorporating responsive design technology with the new SharePoint engine.

There was no change on the web design for desktop computers compared to the mobile view. A small change was introduced for web publishers to identify the editing tools in this new environment. All web publishers were made aware of this with an emailed visual aid to familiarize themselves with the new tools location. The upgrade process required an extended three day content freeze on the prior live website to avoid losing web page changes.​

cell phone screen displaying scc website