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Information Technology Update

Alfonso Oropeza, 
Director of Academic Support

Improving Security in SCC Instructional Computers

ITS has taken a small step towards improving security for SCC and OEC computers used for instruction. Starting last January 2018 all OEC instructional stations require students and instructors to log in using their Web Advisor ID and password. The same requirement was implemented in all SCC instructional stations at the beginning of the current spring session. Some special cases still require facilitating temporary generic usernames due to users lacking a Web Advisor ID, but these are the exception and not the common practice.  This new approach to accessing instructional computers allows for more accountability in the use of PCs. More importantly, this milestone shows SCC on the right path to seek compliance with industry standard security controls aimed at preventing cyber threats.


Upgrading Websites to SharePoint 2016

The District Intranet and public websites for SAC, SCC, and District are having their SharePoint 2013 web engine upgraded to its latest version SharePoint 2016. The District Web team in collaboration with the vendor and the Network team has been preparing the new SharePoint server farm that will host the websites in their new engine. ITS is taking careful steps to prepare the migration of the websites content. The target timeline to complete this migration is the April-May period. During this upgrade process, a short time period about a day or two will require that no changes be allowed to the website pages. This will ensure the transfer of their content to the new servers be most accurate. One other item to notice is the editing tool set in the new version of SharePoint is very much the same as the one the web publishers are already familiar with. 


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