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ACE Certificate of Achievement

​​​​The ACE/ESL Certificate of Achievement is an academic achievement designed for ACE (credit ESL) students and indicates a high-intermediate level of English fluency, particularly in writing and speaking.  This certificate will appear on the student's SCC transcript, and students can list this certificate on their job and university applications.

 How do ACE students earn this certificate? 

Students need to earn 16 units as indicated below.  Some of these courses are also commonly used to meet the AA/AS degree requirements or to satisfy sections of the transfer requirements for CSU and/or UC.

          4 units of either ACE 102 OR ACE 116

        +9 units from these courses

                   ACE 093 (2)

                   ACE 116 (4)   (and the course is not used to satisfy the above 4-unit section):

                   Communication 100/100H (3)

                   Reading 101 (3), 128 (1), and/or 129 (1)

         +3 units from these courses:

                    Counseling 100/100H (3)

                    Communication 100/100H (3)   (and not used to satisfy the above 9-unit section)

                    Communication 120/120H (3)

                    Reading 101 (3)   (and not used to satisfy the above 9-unit section)