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Student outside building

ACE Student Learning Outcomes


Students who complete the ACE program will

  • Communicate clearly in speaking and writing, using generally standard forms of English and
  • Demonstrate the ability to understand different reading materials.

How do ACE faculty evaluate these outcomes?

ACE faculty assess these outcomes by paying close attention to district research reports, following the California Community College State Chancellor's Office Scorecard data for ESL programs, studying pass rates for each ACE course, and using student comments and ideas about program success and improvement to modify curriculum and/or classroom strategies.


Are students achieving our ACE program outcomes?


Students in the ACE program consistently indicate between 95% to 97% satisfaction with their ACE experience and state that they have achieved better writing, reading and speaking skills as a result of taking ACE courses.


Historically, ACE students succeed in their other transfer courses at rates which often exceed those of the general SCC student population.


Information from the State Chancellor's Office shows how well each community college’s basic skills students (students who start in classes below transfer levels) are doing in transfer-level courses in Math and English. Year after year, statewide Scorecard data indicate that ACE students are succeeding in English 101 at higher rates than ESL students at several other Orange County community colleges. 


SCC is very proud of its ACE/ESL students' focus, persistence and success!