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American College English/ESL Students: Who Are They?

ACE students come from diverse countries and range in age from recent high school graduates to people who have college degrees from their native countries. Some are coming back to school after a very long absence, maybe 20 years or more; others are just beginning the exciting adventure of college. The ACE program has enjoyed having students from Mexico, El Salvador, Guatemala, Cuba, Brazil, Colombia, Peru, Argentina, Venezuela, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Jordan, Palestine, Pakistan, India, Taiwan, China, Mongolia, Vietnam, Laos, Korea, Japan, France, Italy, Myanmar and more.  Come to SCC and add to our list of places represented!

Our classes are smaller than in many other colleges, and with our diversity, you enjoy more opportunities to interact with people from all over the world in English--the lingua franca of commerce and communication.

No matter where our students come from, they all share one goal: to gain greater fluency in speaking and writing college-level English as quickly as possible so that they can succeed in their other classes.