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ACE/ESL New Students and Placement

​​​​What do new students need to do?

  • Take the TELD Placement Test Make an appointment by calling 714-628-4812 or 4800.  E-307.

  • ​COVID-19 UPDATE ​ It is possible that Fall 2020 placement into ACE will occur only through the ACE/ESL Guided Self-Placement--Complete the online ACE/ESL Guided Self-Placement document.  Please answer the questions honestly; they are designed to help you determine your best level.  There are no right answers, only honest ones.  You do not want to be in a class which is too difficult...or too easy. 


  1. Meet with an SCC counselor in D-106, where you can get walk-in counseling. Making an appointment is better for you so that you have more time to discuss your needs.  Together, you will review your TELD and Guided Self-Placement results along with other information which you provide.  All of this will help you decide on the most appropriate course placement.
  2. Register for the appropriate ACE courses.
  3. Pay your fees within 3 days...or the computer will drop you automatically.
  4. Attend all class sessions, especially during the first two weeks. If you miss the first class meeting, the instructor can drop you.  If you know you will miss any class during the first two weeks, email your professors before classes begin.  If they don't hear from you, they will add students from their Wait List--and you don't want to lose a seat in any class this way!