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Astronomy Degree

Associate in Science

Astronomy (33223)

The associate degree in astronomy provides a foundation in astronomy and physics for students planning to transfer into a baccalaureate program in astronomy, astrophysics or astronomy education leading to a career in astronomy and/or physics research, education, or technology and programming.

Learning Outcome(s)

Upon successful completion of the requirements for this certificate, students will be able to

•    Demonstrate an understanding that science is based on
observations of the universe and how it is used to understand some basic phenomena of our world.

Major requirements*


Astronomy 109, Introduction to the Solar System
Astronomy 112, Introduction to Cosmology
Astronomy 110, Introduction to Stars and Galaxies​3
Astronomy 140, Astronomy Laboratory​1
Physics 250A, Physics for Scientists and Engineers I​5
Physics 250B, Physics for Scientists and Engineers II​5
Physics 250C, Physics for Scientists and Engineers III
Computer Science 120, Introduction to Programming​3
Some colleges, including San Diego State University, also recommend taking Chemistry 209.