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SCC 2 San Bernardino Valley 4

On Friday afternoon our Santiago Canyon Hawks took on San Bernardino Valley in a pre-season opener showdown. A very young SCC team took the field and conceded their first goal of the 2017 season just 3 minutes in. SVC looked to pounce on the stunned Hawks and made it 2-0 after 25 minutes of play. SCC's Juan Reyes missed from the spot soon after to keep the score at 2-0. SVC made in 3-0, but the Hawks fought back after a missed pk and converted from a free kick just outside the 18. Devin Cornejo hit the upright to make it 3-1 before the half. After the half the Hawks looked inspired and ready to compete, Jose Requena drew a pk for the second time in the match, once again Juan Reyes took the chance from the spot and made it 3-2 after 10 minutes of play in the second half. As the Hawks continued to fight and attack they left themselves exposed to concede their fourth and final goal.  San Bernardino Valley went on to beat the Hawks 4-2. Santiago Canyon takes on Oxnard on Tuesday, August 29th.

SCC 1 Oxnard 2

Santiago Canyon Men's Soccer took on Oxnard College in their second preseason game. The Hawks looked to get their first win of the season on the road. They were off to a strong start but conceded a goal from a set piece in the 10th minute. SCC was able to get a goal back 5 minutes after conceding, Sean McNichols got on the end of a great cross from Saul Ramirez. After the half both teams started well and the game showed promising for the Hawks. Again The Santiago Canyon Hawks gave up a goal from a set piece. Although the Hawks were able to create many chances after conceding their second goal they weren’t able to bring the game level. Game ended 2-1 Oxnard, SCC will look to get on winnings ways this Thursday against LA Mission here at Santiago Canyon College.

SCC 0 LA Mission 0
On Thursday, August 31st the Santiago Canyon Hawks took on LA Mission in another thrilling preseason game. LA Mission had a strong presence in the attack early on but the SCC defenders were able to withstand the pressure and eventually took momentum back. For a lot of the game SCC had possession in their opponents half and was able to create goal scoring opportunities but wasn’t able to convert. Game ended in a 0-0 draw, The Hawks will look to get their first win of the season when they take on East LA at home on Saturday 3 P.M.


SCC 1 East LA 1

The Santiago Canyon Hawks played East LA in another preseason clash. The Hawks were off to a slow start when they conceded an early goal in the opening minutes of play. SCC was able to get into their rhythm soon after conceding as they went to work in the attacking third. Jose Requena once again came through for the Hawks when he took on multiple defenders and was fouled in the box. This is the 3rd pk Requena has forced this season. Juan Reyes stepped up to the spot and was able to convert to bring the Hawks level at 1-1. After an open game where each team shared wave after wave of attack, the game was temporarily postponed due to weather conditions. Match resumed after a 30 minute delay, game ended in a draw 1-1.

SCC 1 Compton 3

Santiago Canyon took on Compton College in another preseason clash. The Hawks were unlucky as they earned a 1-1 draw in their previous encounter against East LA. They looked to be picking up steam as they continued to get ready for league in the upcoming weeks. Against Compton the Hawks started off strong creating a few chances in the opening minutes of play. But Compton was able to score off of cross in the run of play making it 1-0. Immediately after Rafael Nogueda equalized for SCC with a beautiful pass from Juan Reyes. After battling for about 70 minutes Compton proved to be too strong for the hawks and went on to win 3-1.

SCC 0 Cuyamaca 0

In their last preseason game the Santiago Canyon Hawks took on Cuyamaca. The game was intense from the opening minute, both teams were able to create goals scoring opportunities early in the game. After only 20 minutes SCC forward Rafael Nogueda was red carded leaving the hawks a man down. SCC played a man down for 70 plus minutes, defended well and was able to escape Cuyamaca in a 0-0 draw.


SCC 1 Irvine Valley 2

In a thrilling Conference opener the Santiago Canyon Hawks took on Irvine Valley in a much anticipated clash. Irvine Valley went up early to make it 1-0. In an effort to get a goal back SCC changed their shape to a more attacking minded style, they were unfortunately caught off balance and conceded the second goal of the afternoon. Almost immediately after conceding a goal Robert Salcido scored for the Hawks but it wasn't enough to tie that game. Match ended 2-1 to IVC.


SCC 1 Orange Coast College 4

The Santiago Canyon Hawks traveled to OCC on Friday in the second game of conference. The Hawks started very poorly and did not seem to establish any kind of rhythm throughout the game. As a result the Hawks conceded 3 goals in the first half. In the opening minutes of the second half the Hawks looked to get into the attack which left them exposed in the back. OCC was able get the 4th goal for SCC. The Hawks did manage to get 1 goal back. Final score 4-1 to OCC.



SCC 1 Santa Ana 1

The Santiago Canyon Hawks took on Santa Ana in their first meeting of the year. After a hard fought match game ended 1-1. The Hawks will play Cypress away this Friday.



SCC 1 Cypress 2

After a great display at home against Santa Ana the Santiago Canyon Hawks took on Cypress. The Hawks were off to a great start but conceded in the dying minutes of the first half. It was an open game with each team going on the offensive. The Hawks went down another goal in the 75th minute. Although the Hawks were able to get a goal back it wasn't enough to bring the game level.


SCC 4 Norco 0

After a tough defeat at Cypress the Santiago Canyon Hawks took the field to take on Norco. The game was wide open, with both teams creating scoring opportunities. Norco looked to fatigue after about 70 minutes and SCC was able to capitalize. Bryan Garcia scored his first goal of the season. Robert Salcido followed by giving the hawks the 2nd and 3rd goal. Finally Rafa Nogueda was able to slip by Norco defenders to make it 4-0 final to SCC.


SCC 0 Golden West 1

The Santiago Canyon Hawks had a hard fought first win against Norco. They were eager to get back onto the field after some needed rest over the weekend. Due to a nearby brush fire the game was pushed back to Monday. But the hawks were up for the challenge despite being off for the weekend. SCC went forward from the opening whistle and was able to create a number of goal scoring opportunities. But conceded a goal do to a poor clearance from the SCC backline, GWC was able to capitalize right before half. Game ended 1-0 to Golden West


SCC 1 Fullerton 2

In recent history SCC and Fullerton have shown great Misspelled Wordcompetitive games. This game was not any different, Juan Reyes scored for the hawks to put them up 1-0 in only 15 minutes of play. Fullerton was chasing the game and was able to bring it level off a set piece 1-1. The game was intense but Fullerton showed to be more effective in their set pieces and was able to get the winning goal in the 63rd minute. Although the Hawks changed their formation and threw numbers forward, they ran out of time. 2-1 to Fullerton final score.


SCC 1 Irvine Valley 4 

On this day The Santiago Canyon Hawks played away to a strong Irvine Valley side. From the start of the whistle Irvine Valley looked to be first to every ball. IVC opened the score line in minute 36, the Hawks seemed rattled and let 2 more goals in. Juan Reyes scored in the 65th minute to put the hawks on the scoreboard. But IVC looked to be the dominant team and were able to score another goal to make it 4-1 IVC final score.



The Hawks were ready to dust themselves off after a bad showing against IVC. But once again the hawks started off slow and gave up 5 goals to OCC.



SCC 2 Santa Ana 2 

After back to back poor performances from the hawks, they were determined to get a good result as they played Santa Ana in what’s been known for years as the cross town rival match. The hawks immediately showed that they wanted to get a result as they caught Santa Ana defenders sleeping and came inches from scoring the opening goal just seconds in. The half ended 0-0 but the game showed great promise, immediately after the break Santa Ana went up 1-0 and doubled their lead in the 56th minute to make 2-0 Santa Ana. SCC showed great character as they came within 1 with a shot from outside the area from Rafa Nogueda. After the hawks scored they took all the momentum and were able to bring the game level with a beautiful goal from Robert Salcido. Game ended 2-2 draw.



SCC 5 Cypress 1 

With momentum in their favor The Santiago Canyon Hawks were eager and ready to get on winning ways. on this day they would take on Cypress for the second time this year. There was a dominance of the opponent that we have not seen this year from the hawks. Goals from Bryan Garcia (2), Devin Cornejo, Robert Salcido, and Jose Requena gave SCC a 5-1 win over Cypress


SCC 0 Golden West 3

The Santiago Canyon Hawks had grown confident after putting together a couple good results. They were ready to face Golden West, although the hawks were able to get in behind the GWC defense in the opening minutes they could not convert. Allowing Golden West to convert in minute 15. SCC was in the game for the majority of the game but GWC showed to be the better side. Game ended 3-0 to Golden West.



SCC 3 Norco 2 

SCC looked to pick themselves up from a poor performance at Golden West. Players looked rested and ready to play away to Norco. The hawks missed some opportunities to go up early, this proved to complicate the game because soon after Norco gained momentum. SCC was finally able to make it 1-0 in the 40th minute with a goal from Juan Reyes. After the half Norco struck back to bring them level in the 50th minute and to go up in the 68th minute. The hawks were not going to quit, they rallied together to bring the score to 2-2 with a goal from Robert Salcido. Jose Requena was able to give the hawks the lead from a set piece in the 80th minute. SCC was able to hold on to the lead, game ended 3-2 SCC.



SCC 0 Fullerton 2

In the last game of the 2017 season, The Santiago Canyon Hawks looked ready to get a win over Fullerton College. The hawks trained well on Monday and looked ready for he challenge at Fullerton. Although neither team looked better than the other, Fullerton were able to convert in the second half with two counters attacks which finished in goals. SCC fought until the last whistle but was not able to get a result. Game ended 2-0 to Fullerton.