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College Credit for ROP Classes

Instructions on How to Get College Credit for your HS ROP Courses

For a student to receive college credit for an ROP course taken in high school, the student must do the following:
  1. Go to and apply to Santiago Canyon College (SCC)
  2. Enrolled and be registered in at least one SCC college credit class at the time of petition
  3. Download, print and complete the CTAP Petition for Credit Form. Click here to download the CTAP Petition for Credit Form.
  4. Obtain an official and sealed copy of your high school transcript
  5. Schedule an appointment with Amanda Campbell, the CTE Counselor, by contacting the SCC Counseling office (714) 628-4800. The CTE Counselor will review your transcript and discuss the process for receiving college credit for your high school ROP course. (ROP courses will be recorded as Credit by Exam on your college transcripts.)
  6. If you need help or have any questions, please contact James Truong at (714) 628-4800 or