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Creating a Course Articulation Agreement

​​Instructions for creating a Course Articulation Agreement with Santiago Canyon College (SCC)
Articulation is a term used to describe a specific process for ensuring that high school courses can be recognized as equivalent to college courses, so that high school students can receive college credit for a course they take while they are still in high school.

The process for course articulation varies by high school district

If you are an Instructor for a high school in the Orange, Santa Ana, or Garden Grove Unified School District, please follow these steps:
  1. First, a high school instructor must make a request with the Central Orange County Career Technical Education Partnership (CTEp) to have his or her course articulated to a college course and career pathway. Please contact Claudia Nguyen representative, at 714-708-5882 or​ to make an articulation agreement request.
  2. Next, the CTEp representative will share the high school ROP course outline with a SCC faculty for review.
  3. If the SCC faculty deems the high school ROP course equivalent to the college course, the SCC faculty will meet with the high school instructor to review the high school course’s curriculum. Together, they will look at course outlines, core CTE competencies and skill requirements for the career pathway, learning outcomes, the types of textbooks and other material used in the course, ways to measure progress, and the end-of-course assessment.
  4. After all these elements have been reviewed and the high school course is determined to be equivalent to the college course, the college and high school faculty members print and sign an Course Articulation Agreement Form stating that they find the courses to be equivalent. Click here to download the Course Articulation Agreement Form.
  5. If have any questions about  this process or experience any issues downloading the forms, please contact Claudia Nguyen representative, at 714-708-​5882 or​ ​

If you are an Instructor from a high school district outside of Central Orange County, please contact James Truong at 714-628-4800.