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Fieldtrip Process

  1. Instructor fills out a fieldtrip request form and turns it in for signature at least two weeks prior to the fieldtrip along with:
    • Class syllabus (with the fieldtrip highlighted)
    • 2-sided Student Fieldtrip Form filled out and signed by each student
    • Current class roster
  2. After approval by the dean, the packet is returned to the instructor.
  3. Instructor takes the packet on the fieldtrip, to have in case of emergency.
  4. After the fieldtrip, instructor signs at the bottom of the fieldtrip request form, noting the start and end time.
  5. Entire packet is returned to the Division Office for filing.

Please note:

    • Provide only the address.
    • DO NOT give oral or written direction to students
    • DO NOT “assign” students “to carpool”.


Fieldtrip Forms

The word documents included can be typed on, or printed and filled out by hand.