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Syllabus Requirements

Required elements

Name of College
Division Name
Course Name/Section Number
Meeting dates/days/times
Instructor Name
Instructor Telephone/Email/Contact Number
Office hours/Location (full-time faculty)
Course Description and Student Learning Outcomes: A syllabus must be in accordance with college and department policies. Cover all minimums of courses as spelled out in course overview/college catalog.
Course Requirements/Procedures/Policies
Absence/Tardiness/Drop Policies*
Lab Requirements (schedule/time/place/safety rules)
Field trip requirements
Academic Honesty Policy and Plagiarism Consequence*
Class Rules of Conduct
Required Course Textbooks/Materials
Grading Policies /Procedures
DSPS Statement*

* See below for verbiage

Recommended additions

Student Conduct Statement*
Title IX Statement*
List of Assignments
Weekly (or Daily) Agenda
Grading Explanations

Sample Disclaimer Verbiage

Click here for verbiage (Word Doc) to copy and paste into your syllabus