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Counseling Classes and Careers


Counseling Classes offer students an opportunity to discover their interests, values, personality and skills.  These courses allow students to learn more about themselves as they explore careers and majors, as well as understand their education requirements. 

Counseling 116: Career/Life Planning & Personal Exploration (3 units)
This course meets the general education requirement for the Associate Degree (Area F1) and CSU general education certification (Area E1).
This course is designed to assist students in successfully establishing and achieving education, career and life goals.  Students are guided through a reflective process that focuses on values, interests, personality, skills and learning styles.  Career and education options are researched, and students are exposed to college resources and support services.  Decision making models and goal setting techniques are examined and will be used to develop short and long term education, career and life plans. CSU/UC

Counseling 101: Educational, Personal, Cultural & Career Exploration (3 units)
This course meets the general education requirement for the Associates Degree (Area F1) and CSU general education certification (Area E1).
Designed to promote academic and career success by exploring student development from an educational, sociological, psychological, and physiological perspective.  Exploration of higher education opportunities, potential career interests and a focus on educational planning.  Recommended for students planning to complete an associate degree, and/or to transfer to a university. CSU/UC

Counseling 113: Learning Strategies for College Success  (3 Units)
In this class, students will develop learning strategies that will help them to succeed in college level courses. Students will learn to establish effective study habits suited to individual learning styles by focusing on technique and practice. Learning strategies surveyed will include: time management, listening, note-taking, textbook study, exam preparation, memory techniques, library skills and critical reading. Students will be introduced to lifestyle techniques that promote a healthy work/life balance. CSU

Counseling 118: Self Exploration and the Teaching Profession (2 Units)
An exploration of "self" covering theories of values, interests, skills and personality as applied to the teaching profession. Topics include culturally diverse student populations, career ladders and options, and academic preparation required for employment. CSU

Counseling 150: Introduction to Human Services (3 units)
The history and philosophy of human services including theoretical frameworks, the function and orientation of human services organizations and the roles and qualifications of human services workers.  A study of the target populations served by the human services and the professional, ethical and cultural issues facing the human services field. CSU

Counseling 152: Philosophy of Helping
(3 units)
This course engages foundational concerns of the helping
professions such as educators, social workers and other human services from individual, communal, and societal perspectives. Explore ways society provides help that are empowering and authentic for those being helped, and tensions that inevitably arise when we try to formalize the helping relationship. In addition to exploring the skills that lead to caring, competent, and effective practice, students will develop a personal philosophy of helping that is critical and reflective. CSU
Counseling 160: Fieldwork Experience for the Helping Professions
(3 units)
Class Hours: 18 Lecture total, 108 Laboratory total.
Prerequisite: Counseling 150.
Fieldwork experience provides the opportunity for students to incorporate academic knowedge learned in Counseling 150 and gain life-long skills through supervised training hours in a helping professions setting. Integration of problem solving, reflection and self-evaluations with instructor, supervisor and peers will help students gain insight on their future role as helping professions practitioners. With the approval of instructor, students will select their fieldwork placement that supports their career goals. CSU​​

​​​There are several wonderful and rewarding careers to consider in the fields of Counseling, Social Work and Human Services.  SCC is a great place to begin your educational path to a highly rewarding career!  

​Click here to view Careers in Counseling, Social Work & Human Services

​Earn your Associate Degree for Transfer in Social Work & Human Services at SCC!

Social Work & Human Services (AA-T) Requirements:

  1. Select one class from:
    • ​Biology 109 or 109H and Biology 109L - Fundamentals of Biology and Lab 
      -- OR --
    • ​​Biology 149 - Human Anatomy and Physiology 
      -- OR --
    • ​Biology 239 - General Human Anatomy
      -- OR --
    • Biology 249 - General Human Physiology

  2. Counseling 150 - Introduction to Human Services

  3. Counseling 160 - ​Fieldwork Experience for the Helping Professions

  4. Select one class from:
    • ​Economics 101 - Microeconomics
      -- OR --
    • Economics 102 - Macroeconomics

  5. Select one class from:
    • Math 219/219H - Statistics & Probability
      -- OR --​
      Math 220 - Statistics & Probability with Integrated Review

  6. Select one class from: 
    • Psychology 100 - Introduction to Psychology
      -- OR --
      Psychology 100H - Honors Introduction to Psychology
  7. Select one class from:
    • Sociology 100 - Introduction to Sociology
      -- OR --
      Sociology 100H - Honors Introduction to Sociology
  8. Select two classes from:
    • ​​ANTH 100/100H - Introduction to Cultural Anthropology
      -- OR --
    • CDEV 107 - Child Growth and Development
      -- OR --
    • ​PSYC 157​​​​ - ​​Introduction to Child Psychology
      -- OR --
    • ​​CDEV 110 - Child, ​​Family and Community
      -- OR --
    • ​CJ 101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice
      -- OR --
    • ​COMM 120/120H - ​​Intercultural Communications
      -- OR --
    • ENGL 103/103H - Critical Thinking and Writing
      -- OR --
    • HIST 120/120H - The United States to 1877
      -- OR --
    • HIST 121/121H - The United States since 1877
      -- OR --
    • ​PSYC 160 - Introduction to Lifespan Psychology​
      -- OR --
    • PSYC 230 - Psychology and Effective Behavior
      -- OR --
    • ​PSYC 250 - Introduction to Abnormal Psychology
      -- OR --
    • SOC 116​​ - Social Problems

  9. Plus complete all requirements on SCC's Plan B/CSU General Education pattern​ -- OR -- SCC's Plan C/IGETC General Education pattern​.

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