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Help for ITT Tech Students

​Attention ITT Technical Institute Students:

Santiago Canyon College is here to assist students who are affected by the closure of ITT Technical Institute.  When you call or email Dr. Phillip Crabill, our designated college contact for former ITT Tech students, he will provide you with personalized service and make arrangements to personally meet with you as immediately as possible.  He will listen to your concerns, help you get answers to your questions, assist you in applying to the college, refer you to the appropriate service areas on campus, and provide you with educational advisement designed to meet your degree and career goals.  Even though our semester began on August 22, 2016, you will still be eligible to take our late-starting classes that start October 17. 

​Contact us today!  We look forward to providing you the personalized service you deserve.

Contact Name:       Dr. Phil Crabill

Contact Title:          Dept. Co-Chair of Counseling/Academic Advising

Email:                      Click Here to email Dr. Phil Crabill

In-Person:               SCC Counseling Center

                                Room D-106; call 714-628-4800 to set up a Counseling Appointment.
                                If Dr. Crabill is not present when you drop-in, you will be provided with a
                                "priority" appointment.

​Helpful Resources for ITT Tech Students:

A Message from the Secretary of Education to ITT Students

ITT Announcements - a web page run by Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Dept of Education.

Information on Student Loan Discharge and Credit Transfers - please read carefully the "CLOSED SCHOOL LOAN DISCHARGE" and "CREDIT TRANFERS" information on this web page; know the implications of receiving Loan Forgiveness (a.k.a. Loan Discharge) before taking steps to apply.

  • Also, please be sure to speak with your Student Loan servicer and a tax professional before applying for Loan Discharge - know how your taxes can be impacted before having your loan(s) discharged.

View My Past Financial Aid History​ - a very useful link provided by the National Student Loan Data System, and endorsed by SCC's Financial Aid offices.

Frequently Asked Questions by students specifically impacted by the ITT Tech closure - answered by Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Dept of Education.

ITT Tech Transfer Credit Agreements - Provides a list of colleges & universities that have established articulation agreements with ITT Tech; these schools may be willing to accept ITT Tech credits for transfer into their institution, as you continue toward finishing your educational goal. This list is updated daily. Please note: This link is provided as a resource, as you start your search to continue your education - not as my endorsement of any institution listed therein.  Investigate thoroughly any school that is named on this list before applying.  Learn if they are identified as a For-Profit or Non-Profit institution, as well as the school's current accreditation status.  Transfer credit eligibility at any school listed here varies from institution to institution, and case-by-case. 

Basics of Student Loans - General information for all students who want to know more about Subsidized vs Unsubsidized loans, borrowing limits, etc. - provided by Federal Student Aid, an office of the U.S. Dept of Education.

For Veterans using GI Bill benefits at ITT Tech:

For Veterans using GI Bill benefits at ITT, click here for more information from the Veteran Affairs office.

Options to Preserve your GI Bill benefits after ITT - an excellent resource website developed by Veterans Education Success, with Advice For ITT Students worth reading.

GI Bill Comparison Tool ​- a useful tool for Veterans using GI Bill benefits.

For more information on GI Bill benefit options, click here.