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Earth Sciences Courses

​​Image from the USGS Earthquake Site  U​SGS webpage​

If you want an Earth science, geology, or oceanography class at SCC, search Web Advisor for ERTH not GEOL!

All courses in the Earth Sciences at SCC are titled to reflect our department name of Earth Sciences.  They are also numbered and named to reflect the numbering used by C-ID, the Course-Identification System of the California Community Colleges and the California State College System.

ERTH 100, Physical Geology​
ERTH 100L, Physical Geology Lab​
ERTH 111, Historical Geology
ERTH 120, Earth Sciences
ERTH 121, Earth Sciences for Educators​
ERTH 130, Environmental Geology
ERTH 160, Oceanography​
ERTH 200, Geology of California​
ERTH 212, San Andreas Fault System Geology Field Study

Earth science courses offered at SCC are taken for a variety of reasons, to meet general education requirements, as electives, or just for interest and fun.  Check the current SCC schedule of classes for this semester's offerings.  For more information about any of these courses, please consult the SCC Catalog or either of the geology professors. 

When trying to decide which course to take for transfer, check the college catalog of the four-year college or university you plan to transfer to before making your decision.  If the college catalog indicates there may be restrictions on a course you are interested in, definitely check with a counselor before making your decision, not all CSU and UC campuses accept all courses.

Also, some colleges and universities always require labs in physical science classes, some only require labs for certain majors, and some do not require labs.  If in doubt, take the lab.


How do these classes transfer?

These courses, or course combinations, have no prerequisites and meet the general education requirements for a physical science class with lab in either Plan B, section B1 or IGETC, section 5A.  These courses are either 4-units or 4-units when combined.

ERTH 100 Physical Geology + ERTH 100L Physical Geology Lab 
ERTH 111 Historical Geology

ERTH 121 Earth Sciences for Educators

These courses have no prerequisites and meet the general education requirements for a physical science class without lab in Plan A, section A, Plan B, section B1, or IGETC, section 5A.  These courses are all 3-units. 

ERTH 100 Physical Geology
ERTH 120 Earth Sciences
ERTH 130 Environmental Geology 
ERTH 160 Oceanography

ERTH 200 Geology of California

These are 1-unit, field-trip, elective courses with no prerequisites that allow you to actually go out and see geology as you learn.

ERTH 212, San Andreas Fault Geology Field Study

ERTH 214, Orange County Geology Field Study