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Ethnic Studies


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The Associate in Arts Degree in Ethnic Studies is designed to provide students with a comparative and interdisciplinary examination of the unique histories, cultures, and experiences of African Americans, Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, Latino/x Americans, and Native Americans in the United States. Students will assess their own i​​​​ndividual cultural identity/ies, build consciousness about race and ethnic relations in America, and begin to formulate and implement strategies that will challenge multiple and intersecting forms of oppression. The major prepares students to work collaboratively with diverse populations given its emphasis on group-centered leadership and communication skills, as well as, critical thinking and praxis. Completion of the AA degree facilitates a pathway to move into a four-year institution leading to baccalaureate degree.

For more information about the Ethnic Studies Department and current program offerings, please contact our full-time faculty:

Erika Gutierrez
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(714) 628-4777​​