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What Do Our Students Say?

What Do Our Students Say About Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies?

Tatiana Perkins, Gender, Sexuality, & Women's Studies


Saya Parast, Education

Taking Womenʼs Studies 101 with Shereen was probably one of the best decisions I made at SCC. Not only is this course eye-opening for you, but it is also a ton of fun. This class taught me things that I never knew I was interested in and made more passionate about many life events. Whether you consider yourself a feminist, or you donʼt, or you're stuck in between and donʼt know if you count as one, I highly suggest you take this class and just get educated on this world. This class doesnʼt just cover feminism, but it also tells you the truth behind many things that you never thought this deeply about! So as a person who didnʼt know were she stood, I say TAKE THIS CLASS, and I assure you, you will absolutely not regret it! (Also, make sure to open up and have fun during the “That Takes Ovaries!” project, because itʼs something that will stay with you forever!) Best of luck!


Nicole Bandoquillo, Art History and Women’s/Gender Studies

This course was so great for me, not only as a women and gender studies major, but because it helped me understand a lot of gender and social norms and ways to debunk them. After I took this course, I was able to challenge a lot of my peers, coworkers, and even friends and actually have them understand a lot of people in the minority. It helped me address a lot of the underlying and self-deprecating things I thought about, in which I just wasn’t fully accepting myself as a person. Being a gay woman of color, I was able to address a lot of things wrong with society and how it’s literally brainwashed our society into thinking what’s taboo and what’s not. Women’s Studies gave me a voice and allowed me to be heard. I’ve always been taught to be quiet, and to be submissive as an Asian woman. But because of this course, I’ve been given the courage and the attitude to be able to stand up for myself and others who aren’t as privileged as me.