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Plan B

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General Education Breadth Requirements

for the California State University (CSU)

2014 - 2015

Plan B


SCC Course

A.  Communication in the English Language and Critical Thinking


A.1 Oral Communication

Communication 100H

A.2 Written Communication

English 101H

A.3 Critical Thinking

English 102H, 103H, Philosophy 110H

BThe Physical Universe and Its Life Forms


B.1 Physical Sciences


B.2 Life Science

Biology 109H

B.4 Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning

Mathematics 180H

Mathematics 219H

Social Science 219H

C.  Arts, Literature, Philosophy, and Foreign Language


C.1 Arts (Art, Dance, Music, Theatre)


Art 100H

Music 101H

C.2 Humanities

English 102H

History 101H, 102H

Philosophy 106H

Spanish 101H, 102H

D.  Social, Political, and Economic Institutions and Behavior, Historical Background


D.1 Anthropology and Archeology

Anthropology 100H

D.4 Gender Studies

Communication 225H

D.5 Geography

Geography 100H

D.6 History

History 101H, 102H, 120H, 121H

D.7 Interdisciplinary Social or Behavioral


Communication 120H

D.8 Political Science, Government, and Legal Institutions

Political Science 101H, 200H

D.9 Psychology

Psychology 100H

D.10 Sociology and Criminology


United States History, Constitution, and American Ideals

Sociology 100H, 140H


Political Science 101H

History 120H, 121H

*For a complete list of all courses and an explanation of the requirements for this plan see the current SCC catalog