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What Do Honors Students Say About The Program?

"The small Honors classes let me get a 'hands-on' learning experience. The atmosphere in the classes is more intimate--the students want to come to class to learn, not because they have to." Karin Gentry

"The Honors courses at SCC build relationships among students. The smaller classes allow students to better know and relate to each other in discussion." Ryan Hill

"The Honors classes aren't necessarily more difficult; they're just different. It might be difficult to get used to the format of learning 'on your own' instead of taking notes from a lecture, but the fact that you are responsible for your own learning gets you more involved." Summer Ardizzone

"The discussion-based classroom structure promotes free thinking much more so than sitting and listening to a stale lecture. Your classmates become more than faces; I actually know almost everyone's name in my class." Geneva Woznicki

"I enjoy the small size, intimate atmosphere, and shared excitement about subjects." Maureen Curry

"The Honors Program is a unique experience for anyone interested in learning because everyone, including the professors, can relate on the same level of interest and dedication." Jennifer Hendricks

"Honors Program classes are the most comprehensive way that I've experienced in gaining knowledge. The small classes lend to an intimate setting, allowing group participation and a better understanding of the subject and of fellow students and mentors." Mark McKnight

"The smaller classes are great and allow for necessary discussion. People shouldn't be hesitant to take a class just because it is Honors. This class setting would be beneficial for all students, especially for ones who feel school is a drill." Patricia Bullock

"You should really give them a chance. It is a completely different experience from non-honors classes in that they are more personal and enriching because you know everyone there wants to learn too." Christina Sepulveda ​