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Professional Organizations

The Honors Transfer Council of California (HTCC)

The Honors Transfer Council (HTCC), founded in 1987, is a consortium of over 30 California community college honors/scholars program coordinators.  The HTCC negotiates special transfer agreements linking community college honors/scholars programs to specific four-year institutions, whether large or small, public or private. Students completing HTCC programs enjoy enhanced transfer considerations at the four-year institution (e.g., guaranteed or priority transfer, special scholarships, housing concessions), and a range of academic and social benefits before transfer as well. 

The Honors Transfer Council of California Membership Benefits

Membership in the HTCC provides the following benefits to Santiago Canyon College and all other member colleges: 
  • Facilitates membership in transfer agreements;
  • Provides a supportive network for community college honors/scholars coordinators;
  • Models and promotes high academic standards for community college students;
  • Promotes and ensures quality honors programs among community colleges statewide;
  • Provides scholarships for students at member colleges;
  • Facilitates dialogue between the California community colleges and transfer schools;
  • Helps arrange student visits to transfer institutions;
  • Supports a network for transfer of honors/scholars courses among member programs;
  • Assists new honors/scholars coordinators;
  • Advises community college faculty and administrators who are starting programs;
  • Represents members at the National Collegiate Honors Council and other organizations;
  • Meets regularly to address members' needs.​

National Collegiate Honors Council

The National Collegiate Honors Council (NCHC) has a Website with comprehensive information about the Council.  Click here to view the NCHC Webpage.