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Our mission as a Language Lab is to provide students with a variety of ways to enhance and complement classroom language learning experience. We thrive to meet  the educational needs of students who are committed to transfer to a four-year institution and also those who aim to obtain a certification or basic written- conversational ability in the target language.

Alma Sura 
  •  A.A. Liberal Arts, Santa Ana College
  • B.A. in Spanish Literature, Cal State Fullerton
  • M.A. in Spanish Literature, Cal State Fullerton

Born and raised in El Salvador. She started working for the RSCCD's district since 1998 at various capacities including teaching El Civics  for  Continuing Education's students from 2006-2008 and Business Skills from 2009-2011.  Alma has been the Instructional Center Technician for SCC's Languages Lab since May, 2011, and serves as liaison for instructors as well as language students. 

Student Learning Outcomes (SLOs)

For information about Student Learning Outcome​s, please click on the link below.


​It is the SCC student’s responsibility to read and understand the College Policies and Procedures​.​

​Languages Lab H-230

Language Lab users are responsible for working on lab assignments. The SOLE use of computer systems and resources is for academic/educational purposes only. Lab personnel will ask students to leave if they do not comply with the Lab Rules below.

 Some language classes require 50 minutes of weekly lab time.

Full Time Faculty Web Link 

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