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Become a Statistician--A STEM Learning Community


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​Statistics give us a sense of what is really happening in the world.

Majors from Criminal Justice to Psychology to Nursing require students to make sense of statistics, and many students go on to become statisticians as well.

What is often overlooked and challenging in the study of statistics is the role of reading.  In order to determine which concept to apply or how to interpret study results, students need to understand how to read statistics.

SCC is proud to offer a Learning Community designed specifically for students who wish to become statisticians.

In the Learning Community, students take Math 219, Statistics and Probability as either an online course or a remote live course. 

They also take Reading 136, Reading in STEM, an online course to help with modeling and understanding of the work being done in the Statistics class.

If you are interested in joining a Statistics Modeling Learning Community in Fall 2023, plan to enroll in both of these courses:

  • Section 30573 of Reading 136 with Professor Freese (online)
  • Section 28267 of Math 219 with Professor Frost (online)