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Public Works

Public Works Inspectors entering the field or advancing within the field have a designated course of study to improve their employability. Course content is specifically designed to provide the inspectors with coursework relative to the field of inspection and related responsibilities.

The Associate of Science degree and Certificate of Achievement in Construction Management is for current, new or future project managers and team members and those who may seek the PMP (Project Management Professional®) designation as part of their future career plan. The content includes project definition, planning, group dynamics, workplace diversity, team roles and communication techniques, problem solving, evaluation and final reporting on results in both a classroom setting and with opportunities for application.

The Associate of Science degree and Certificate of Achievement in Environmental Management are designed for students who have completed either or both of the existing Public Works programs as well as incumbent workers seeking career opportunities. Upon completion of this degree and certificate program students will be eligible for employment as Environmental Compliance Officers, Technicians and Inspectors in city, county and state municipalities.

The Certificate of Proficiency in Code Enforcement provides students with the course work necessary for employment. It is designed for individuals seeking a career as a Code Enforcement Officer as well as sworn or non-sworn inspectors, officers, or investigators employed by a city, state, or county agency seeking specialized training in prevention, detection, investigation and enforcement of violations of statutes or ordinances regulating public health, safety, and welfare, public works, business activities and consumer protection, building standards, landuse, or municipal affairs.​