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Transfer Information

The Pathways to Teaching Program and the Transfer Center work together to provide a variety of services for students.  We strongly encourage all students to take advantage of the specialized resources and services that will assist you in achieving your academic and career goals.  Through PTTP & the Transfer Center, students have the opportunity to partake in  numerous activities and events that will help you decide upon the college/university that best suits your individual needs.  Remember, the key to transfer success lies in early research and advisement!  To get further information on transfer activities, visit the Transfer Center website.
Transfer Center Services

Research Transfer Institutions
 Guidance in selecting and researching transfer institutions. Students who are undecided about their major and transfer institution should seek one-to-one assistance with a knowledgeable Transfer Center Specialist. Students have direct access to resources such as UC, CSU, and private school catalogues, guides to colleges and universities, and informational brochures and flyers that will help students decide on which college or university best suits their needs.
University Representative Appointments


Students can meet individually with college representatives to get up-to-date information on transfer requirements, housing, financial aid and scholarships, as well as many more services.
UCI Teach
SCC students have the unique opportunity to participate in a teaching academy designed for community college students. UCI Teach offers several academic benefits for second-year students. Some of these services include: book vouchers, faculty mentoring, free tutoring, and offers eligible students junior-level admission status.
Transfer Workshops
Transfer workshops are available for students who would like to find out specific requirements involved in the transfer process. ​
CSU / UC Application Workshops
CSU / UC Application Workshops. CSU and UC application workshops are provided for students throughout the year to assist in completing the admissions application. Students are taken through the application process step-by-step to ensure that it is filled out properly.
University Teacher Preparation Presentations
 CSU, UC, and Private University Presentations and Seminars. Representatives from four-year institutions conduct presentations on the teacher preparation programs available at their schools. These informative workshops are specifically designed for high school and community college students who would like to learn more about the requirements and services available at various colleges and universities with multiple subject, single subject, and education specialist teaching credential programs. 
Additional Information
For additional information regarding transfer services or to sign up for an event, call (714)628-4865, or stop by their office in Building D, room 104.