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Performing Arts Department

Department's Vision

The Santiago Canyon College Performing Arts Department which includes Dance, Music and Theater Arts is dedicated to building a comprehensive educational program designed to meet the needs of students who are seeking a general education, wanting to transfer to four-year institutions, gain practical and theoretical experiences in the performing arts or develop their creative skills. The building of a state-of-the-art performing arts complex will ensure that both students and the community have access to the creative arts and provide a range of opportunities for those interested in all aspects of the performing arts. 
Department's Mission:

The Santiago Canyon College Performing Arts Department is dedicated to creating a student-centered learning environment which fosters the development of students' interests, knowledge, skills and talents in the performing arts. The Performing Arts Department is committed to expanding its programs to engage the community at large and encourage through dance, music, and theatre events the public to come on to our campus.
In the News:
Celebration of Diversity
Home for the Holidays
Sat., November 18, 2017
7:00 pm
For online tickets, click on the picture.
Tickets are on sale at SCC Bookstore and Cashier office.


Celebration of Diversity
Searing for a Perfect Gift
November 21, 2015
7 p.m.

Holiday Showcase
Dance - Music - Theatre
Saturday May 30, 2015
1:30pm and 2:30pm
Admission Free
Donation accepted
2015 Spring Showcase
Holiday Showcase 2014  Perform by Choirs, Orchestra and Dancers
November 22, 2014
Holiday Showcase 2013
Perform by Choirs, Orchestra and Dancers

Holiday; Television Showcase 2012

Courses offered

Adjunct faculty


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Kate Stone


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2013-03 Gloria - Messa - HSC
Division of Arts, Humanities, Social Sciences and Library
Office: D-128

David Vakil
Phone: (714) 628-5031

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Department Chair
Binh Vu, D.M.A.
Office: D-203-2
Phone: (714) 628-4839
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Office Hours:
Tuesday - 3:30 pm to 6:30 pm in H-216
Wednesday - 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm in D-121

Adjunct Faculty


Zenaida Jeng Halili
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Jeffrey Hendrix
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Victoria Leonard
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Rosa Garcia
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Carrie Woodson
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Dr. Larry Ball
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Shane W. Cadman
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Phillip Pacier
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Bich-Van Nguyen
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Jamie Kim
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Jean Proppe
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Michael Wachs
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