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Philosophy Department

The stimulating subject of philosophy. A subject that contains glitters of information and endless possibilities for conversations. It has taught me a great deal for myself, helping me design new arguments, new conversations, new ideas with everyone I meet. I am truly grateful for the advancement my mind has achieved in studying philosophy.

--Stephanie Peters, SCC Philosophy student

Philosophy at Santiago Canyon College

“Philosophy” basically means “the love of wisdom.” Wisdom consists in a deep understanding of ourselves, humanity as a whole, and even life itself.

Philosophers actually seek wisdom. In other words, philosophers seek good answers for all kinds of good questions, including questions like “How should we live our lives?,” and “What really makes people happy?”

At Santiago Canyon College, we offer a wide range of philosophy courses. We also offer an Associate of Arts Degree in Philosophy.

Current students can take advantage of our online student resources, and interested students can join the Philosophical Society of Santiago Canyon College.

For more information about the Philosophy Department, please contact:

    Prof.Marcelo Pimentel 
    Department Chairperson 
    Office: H-215
    Phone: (714) 628-4785