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Fall 2022 Psychology Classes - Don't Miss Out!

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PSYC 100: Introduction to P​sychology 

​​Explore all the ways psychology is a part of our daily lives from how we think & learn to why we dream and drug use to name a few! 


Section 17887  On Campus Monday & Wednesday ​8:35 - 10:00 a.m. ​H-323

Section 12924  Online 

FAST TRACK COURSES (i.e., less than 16 weeks)

Section 12641  Online (10/17-12/11)

Section 12642  Online (10/17-12/11)

Section 12643  On Campus (10/18-12/8)  Tuesday & Thursday 1:30-4:50 p.m. E-206

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PSYC 157: Child Psychology 

Explore development during childhood – from conception to adolescence. How does moral development take place? How do we learn language? How does how we are raised shape our development during our childhood years? Why do teens behave the way they do? This is just a tip of the iceberg.​


Section 12752  On Campus Tuesday & Thursday ​11:50 a.m.-1:15 p.m. H-323

FAST TRACK COURSE (i.e., less than 16 weeks)

Section 12750  Online (10/17-12/11)

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PSYC 160: Lifespa​n Psychology 

What impacts our development throughout our lives? How do we deal with stress? How do our attachment styles affect our happiness & success in relationships? How do you feel about euthanasia?  This class covers it all!

FAST TRACK COURSES (i.e., less than 16 weeks)

Section 12755  Online ​​(8/22-10/16)

Section 12753 Virtual Hybrid (9/19-12/11) Live Meetings via Zoom Monday 6:00-7:25 p.m.

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PSYC 180: Psychology of Gender 

Non-Binary. Cisgender. Gender fluid. Gender non-conforming. Any questions?? Through interactive class discussions, guest speakers, films and lectures, we'll explore sex, gender identity and sexual orientation. We'll talk about what each means for you, and what influences and shapes these aspects of our identity.​​

FAST TRACK COURSE (i.e., less than 16 weeks)

Section 12756 Online (9/19-12/11)​


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PSYC 190: Psycholgy of Human Sexuality 

​Have you ever wondered...What shapes our ideas about sex? What impacts who we are sexually attracted to? How we can maintain healthy sexual lives? What types of sexual behaviors, fetishes and dysfunctions are out there? We'll cover these topics in the course & more!


Section 12757​  On Campus​​  Tuesday & Thursday 10:15-11:40 a.m. H-323

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PSYC 220: Research Methods

The study of human behavior broken down. This class will guide both psychology majors & those outside the discipline to undersatnd how to conduct research, collect and analyze data, and interpret research findins through the practical and hands-on application of research methods.

Prerequisites: PSYC 100 and  Math 219​​


Section 12759  Online ​

FAST TRACK COURSE (i.e., less than 16 weeks)

Section 12760 Online (9/19-12/11)

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PSYC 230: Psychology of Adjustment

Do you ever get in your own way? Bad habits weighing you down? This class will help you reassess what you're doing and examine how you can adjust your behaviors to maximize what you want in life!


Section 12993  On Campus Monday & Wednesday 8:35-10:00 a.m. H-324

Strengths of the Focus Group Method: An Overview | Research Design Review

PSYC 240: Social Psychology

If you've ever wanted to understand your social world more, this is the class for you! It will help shed light on how what’s going on currently impacts each & every one of us - from the COVID-19 pandemic to racism, sexism & more

FAST TRACK COURSES (i.e., less than 16 weeks)

Section 12998  Online (8/22-10/16)

Section 12995  Online (10/17-12/11)

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PSYC 250: Abnormal Psychology 

Have you heard of bipolar disorder, depression, anxiety, sexual dysfunction, and eating disorders? PSYC 250 will cover this & more, including the importance of mental health and wellbeing. Students will learn about various psychological disorders along with their symptomatology, causes and treatments.​ 

Prerequisite: PSYC 100.

FAST TRACK COURSE (i.e., less than 16 weeks)

Section 12999  Online (10/17-12/11)


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